“Love Me” (爱我) is an upbeat dance track with lyricist written by Huang Zuyin, a famous lyricist who has written songs for Taiwanese groups like Fahrenheit and S.H.E. The song features a rap by Super Junior-M member, Henry, and it was released on Zhang Liyin’s first Chinese single, “Moving On”, in 2009.

Additionally, according to the official song credits, the song is a Mandarin cover of a Spanish song called “Baila”, artist unknown.

“Moving On” (晴天雨天) is Zhang Liyin’s second single. It was released over a year after her release of I Will. The single was promoted heavily in the second half of 2009, and continued to be a song Liyin performed throughout her career with SM Entertainment. Its original song was sung by Ana Bárbara, called “Deja”.

Thank you to Melissa for translating the lyrics into English.

“I Will” (星愿) is the titular track off of Zhang Liyin’s first full album, I Will. The song is an original song with two language version: Korean and Mandarin Chinese. The former was listed as a bonus track to the Korean edition of the album, but it was never promoted. You can find the Korean lyrics here on our website.

“I Will” was promoted throughout 2008, and remains to be one of Liyin’s most well-known singles. Until 2014, it was part of her arsenal of songs she would perform at events.

“One More Try” is a dance pop song off of Zhang Liyin’s first album, I Will. The song was part of her album promotion cycle in 2008. She also performed it at a SMTOWN concert held in Bangkok during February 2009.

The lyrics to “One More Try” were co-written by Zhang Liyin herself, and the song was promoted as encouragement song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.