Zhang Liyin’s newest single, “Not Alone”, was released on Chinese music websites today. The music video hasn’t been released yet, but already it is gaining traction among Chinese music fans.

Similar to the release of “Agape”, SM Entertainment has also released the song onto Korean music websites. Click on the below screenshots to access the single on their respective download webpages.

Zhang Liyin brought new single “Not Alone” to Peng Peng interview, shared the song’s backstory, as well as her experiences working alone in Korea and the relationships between SM artists.

“Success is not easy. Behind success, you must work hard, and even after working hard, you may not even be successful.” Zhang Liyin believes her inner strength has changed the most since her debut eight years ago. She admits that during the long time when she was without new songs or without performances, she considered giving up many times, and even considered becoming a regular 9-to-5 commuter worker.

Zhang Liyin appeared in her first major TV appearance in her “Agape” and “Not Alone” promotions by appearing in an episode of Hunan TV’s Laugh Out Loud. Other guest stars in this episode included Xiaoshengyang and actor Xu Jia.

The show is in a sketch comedy format. Guests rehearse during the show, but generally the episodes are a little more reliant on improv and natural comedic ability than say, Saturday Night Live.

For once, SM Entertainment surprised Zhang Liyin fans.

The soloist’s management agency organized appearances on Korean music shows to help promote her new single “Agape”. Although the song is purely in Chinese and does not have a Korean version, SM Entertainment was able to negotiate appearance slots on MTV The Show, MBC Show Champion, and Mnet MCOUNTDOWN for Zhang Liyin. If you recall, the last time Zhang Liyin appeared on Mnet MCOUNTDOWN, it was for her debut single “Timeless”.

“Back Then” (那些年) is one of the two songs listed on Zhang Liyin’s “Agape” single. It is a cover song of Hu Xia’s original “Those Bygone Years” (那些年), a Chinese song released in 2011 for the popular Taiwanese movie You Are The Apple Of My Eye. Various SM Entertainment artists have covered Hu Xia’s song over the years, particularly live in concert or during interviews. Most notably, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun during the group’s fan meeting tour in 2013. However, Zhang Liyin is the first artist under the label to release an official recorded version of the song.