Zhang Liyin joined fellow SM Entertainment labelmates EXO members Lay and Xiumin, as well as the DXDL twins (formerly known as “Tasty” under SM C&C), in a guest appearance on Shenzhen TV’s The Generation Show. Liyin was very interactive on the show, engaging in all sorts of TV show games – it just goes to show she is much more comfortable promoting in China than in Korea!

Zhang Liyin was invited to the Best of Best in Guangzhou concert, where she performed four different songs: “I Will”, “Moving On”, “Not Alone”, and “Agape”. She also took part in her first ever ‘MC’/hosting activity, where she co-hosted the intermission talk sessions between f(x) and Red Velvet.

Korean SM Entertainment’s Chinese solo female artist Zhang Liyin secretly came to Taiwan last week to promote her newest Chinese single “Not Alone”. She received an exclusive interview from MTV’s I Love Idols show.

Prior to the official interview, the host of the show, Ken Wu, forcefully charged into Zhang Liyin’s hotel room and even daringly rummaged through her purse. He then forced her to drink bitter melon juice, making Zhang Liyin say with a bitter face: “It really is very healthy!”

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She also disclosed that her relationship with EXO was pretty good. They would invite each other out for small gatherings in private.

Zhang Liyin interviewed with KpopStarz to promote her 4th single, “Not Alone”. The publication travelled to Beijing for an exclusive two-part interview with the singer back in September 2014. We have translated the interview from Chinese to English, and you can read KpopStarz’s exclusive interview with Liyin in its untranslated Chinese format here and here.

I especially want to release one particular song. This song was recorded a long time ago. I think it’s a great listen, and the Korean version has already finished recording. This song will be released in both China and Korea at the same, so there will be promotional activities in Korea.

For Zhang Liyin fans, it’s been a long six years. Back in February 2008, SM Entertainment hosted an album showcase for Liyin’s first Chinese album, I Will, to much fanfare. Former artist Han Geng and SM Entertainment executives were all in attendance. It has been over six years since that day.

For Liyin’s showcase yesterday, it received even greater attention. There were reportedly over 200 reporters at Liyin’s Beijing showcase yesterday; 100 of these media members were from Chinese news outlets. One of these articles, from Yahoo, has been shared below.

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For long-time Zhang Liyin fans, tonight felt surreal. It reminded us of the Liyin’s Beijing album showcase six years ago, but it’s been a long six years, we can hardly remember the contents of what happened that time long ago.

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About 100 to at least 200 mainstream media reporters attended; the atmosphere gave off that there is a high level of interest towards Zhang Liyin.

“Today in Beijing, I am really thankful and happy to have a special time with everyone. In the future, I will make an effort to sing well and be more and more charming Zhang Liyin. Please give a lot of support.”