Zhang Liyin hosted two live video streaming events in the month of November to chat live with her fans. During the two live sessions, she answered questions from fans about her current situation in Korea.

Her first live video chat occurred November 6th, followed by a second video chat a couple weeks later on November 20th. We will be summarizing both video chats in this article.

An article unexpectedly showed up on NetEase today, speaking about Zhang Liyin’s current situation in China. It quotes a Weibo post from Liyin’s good friend as well as several comments from Chinese netizens.

I hope Zhang Liyin can return home to develop her career – that wish can only be understood literally. Any meaning extending to “company froze her” sort of speculation, I cannot afford the public responsibility (repercussions).

She’s alive! Zhang Liyin was invited to the SMTOWN Live in Taiwan concert on March 21, 2015, and she performed two songs as part of her performance: “Agape” and “Not Alone”.

The concert tour stop was a part of the SMTOWN Live World Tour IV held between August 2014 and July 2015.

This will be Liyin’s final appearance in the SMTOWN concert series before her contract ends in 2017. Watch her performance in the videos below!

We have an exclusive Zhang Liyin interview to share with everyone today! M.E. Malaysia had the opportunity to interview Zhang Liyin in person late last year, and they were kind to think of us international Zhang Liyin fans in preparation for their interview.

M.E. Malaysia asked Chocolyn if our fans had any questions we would like to ask Liyin, and obliged with a list of 10 unique fan questions. Some of them were answered during the interview!

Read the full interview below the cut. Thank you to M.E. Malaysia for this opportunity!

On January 8, 2015, Zhang Liyin and EXO member Chen sang their duet “Breath” at the 14th Annual Huading Awards. As of January 2016, this performance is the final performance they did for “Breath”. They have not performed the song since.

Liyin also bumped into soloist Zhang Bichen – a singer who used to train in South Korea, and is also a big Zhang Liyin fan – at the award show. They took a photo together and posted it onto Weibo. EXO member Lay was also in attendance.

Liyin interviewed with Kpopped for her latest single release, “Not Alone”. She shared some new facts about herself, including her interest in fashion design. She might be more known for her duets with SM Entertainment male artists, but it seems that she won over the interviewer with her genuine personality.

You can read the full interview at Kpopped here.

I always practice the songs at home and give special care for the important parts of the lyrics which needs more emotion. I also do a bit of exercise before a show so that I have a steady voice.

Zhang Liyin made her return to Hunan TV’s New Year’s Eve concert today! Liyin last appeared on the show back in 2008 with Super Junior-M.

Unfortunately, this time around, she was one of the final performers, performing after the countdown occurred. It is likely Liyin didn’t get much TV viewership because audience members would have turned off the channel already. But we are glad that she was still able to make an appearance.

Zhang Liyin was invited to ‘2014 Glory Blossoms Ten Up-and-Coming Singers Concert’ (2014光荣绽放 — 十大新锐歌手演唱会) alongside a group of other up-and-coming soloists in China. She performed “Missing You 365 Days”, “Agape”, and joined other artists for “Let’s Rock” at the end of the TV concert.

The show was filmed on the December 23rd, but was broadcast on December 31st. Watch the full show here on CNTV; Liyin shows up at 25:20.