It’s been two months since Zhang Liyin joined her new company NewStyle Media Group (NSMG). And it’s been a quiet two months, but it seems like Liyin has been busy in these two months. She recorded a TV appearance on Shanghai TV and she did a product endorsement photoshoot for Li-Ning.

The music show Liyin appeared on is Shanghai TV’s Sing All The Way (一路唱响) and the fashion label she endorsed is Li-Ning. For the former, NSMG even released a behind-the-scenes vlog of her appearing on the show.

It’s incredibly exciting to see Liyin so busy all of a sudden!

TV appearance on Sing All The Way

The Shanghai TV music show Sing All The Way can be described as an elimination-style music show where contestants – mostly up-and-coming singers in the industry – perform self-produced songs to well-known celebrities and are judged based on the song and their performance.

Unfortunately for Liyin, her appearance on the show did not last long. She was on the show for only a couple of weeks before she was eventually eliminated on the basis of her solo song. The judge on her episode was Anson Hu, a Chinese singer known for his pop and R&B music.

The good news is, her appearance on the show gave us a lot of new content!

Product endorsement of Li-Ning fashion brand

Meanwhile, Liyin shared a Weibo post of her in a brand endorsement photoshoot on Monday for Li-Ning sportswear. The fashion brand is launching a high-end fashion line and has engaged a number of different celebrities to model their clothes on social media.

The Western fashion industry media outlet, WWD, wrote about this new launch:

The brand on Monday officially revealed the debut of its high-end line 1990 collection, which bears a motif comprised of three of its original logos used when the brand was founded by gymnast Li Ning in 1990.

Similar to Y-3’s positioning for Adidas, 1990 puts a focus on style with function and heritage. The brand said its creative direction is based on Li’s unparalleled spirit in sport. Known as the “prince of gymnastics,” with several Olympic gold medals under his belt, he is considered one of the most celebrated athletes in China.

The line combines Chinese artistic and cultural details with sharply tailored elements, with a visual identity rooted in the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of heaven being round and Earth being square.

Tianwei Zhang on WWD

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