Today is September 9th, 2020, and it’s officially been 14 years since Zhang Liyin debuted to the world as a singer. Time flies.

As Zhang Liyin’s foremost international fansite, we have shifted most of our updates onto Twitter as that is where most of the fanbase is, but we haven’t forgotten about the benefit of updating this website either!

Not much has happened in this fandom in the past year, but there have been a few updates:

  • Some of Liyin’s most recent Weibo updates were regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. She made two posts in regards to the coronavirus:
  • During Liyin’s 30th birthday, her duet partner for “Lonely”, Henry Huo, left a comment on her Weibo to wish her a happy birthday. The comment ended up being the most voted comment on her social media page that day.
  • Singer-songwriter Hins Cheung praised Liyin’s vocals on a radio show back in 2008, and compared her vocals to those of Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. On July 24th, he did it again. Hins shared a post on his Instagram Stories praising Liyin’s vocals on “Agape”.

Her company also uploaded her two newest songs onto Western-friendly music websites for international fans to purchase. Support Zhang Liyin by buying her music from legal websites!

“Answer” (Lyrics)“The Ashes of Time” (Lyrics)
Apple MusicBuy it here!Buy it here!
Google MusicBuy it here!Buy it here!

There has also been a lot of talk on Chocolyn’s Discord about whether Liyin has left Show City Times. The management details on her Weibo changed quite a few times over the past year or so (e.g. different names, different phone numbers), but no one knows for sure. Join our Discord to chat with other Zhang Liyin fans about her career prospects.

To wrap up this blog, let us rewatch Liyin’s debut performance as a singer. She performed the now classic “Timeless” with Kim Junsu on MBC Music Core. It’s been 14 years since this performance. Can you believe it?


Wendy has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2007, when she was introduced to "Timeless" by a friend. Since then, she has led and organized activities for Zhang Liyin fans all over the world. Aside from Zhang Liyin, she is also an avid fan of Rachel McAdams, Matthias Schoenaerts, Real Madrid, and Toronto FC.

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