After over a year of silence on the music front, Zhang Liyin surprised fans with new music yesterday. Our female soloist dropped a short music video for the song “Answer” (答案) on Weibo early on the morning of December 4, 2019. The song is an interlude for the Chinese television drama, The Remedy (漫长的告别), currently streaming on Youku.

As is typical of most music videos for Asian drama soundtracks, the music video features scenes from The Remedy as well as footage of Liyin singing in the recording studio. From her Chinese fans’ social media posts, we know that Liyin filmed the music studio scenes back in April 2019.

The music video is under two-minutes and does not fully stream the full song, which actually runs for four-minutes. You can listen to the full song here on NetEase. (Click ‘play’ on the blue button.)

Shortly after Liyin published her post on Weibo, the producer for “Answer”, Chen Qinyang, left a comment on the post saying this song is Liyin’s first time as a song producer, and that more music is on the way. However, Liyin is not formally credited as a producer on the track, so we can only assume her work was minimal. For a full list of song credits, please refer to our lyrics page.

Liyin’s new manager, Huang Changda, also shared the new song on his Weibo. His post echoed a similar message: “Finally released. The long-absent Zhang Liyin. Look forward to more.”

Besides social media posts from Liyin’s current manager and the song producer, the music production company also shared new content. The song credits list Perfect Youth OST as the agency responsible for producing and marketing the single. They published an article on Weibo later in the day with promotional photos of Liyin at the music studio, as well as some context of the song’s connection to the Youku television drama.

From the show’s Baike page, The Remedy is described as a crime-suspense drama that tells of a boyfriend who seeks revenge on the death of his girlfriend. Directed by Ma Zhiyu, the show premiered on November 22, 2019, on streaming website Youku. It stars Jacky Zhou, Mickey He, Purba Rgyal, and Xi Xue in its titular roles.

We have uploaded the music video for “Answer” on Chocolyn’s YouTube channel. Watch it below!

Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks after this article was published, the official English song title was translated to just “Answer” rather than how Chocolyn originally translated it on social media – “The Answer”. We have amended this on our YouTube channel, this post, and our lyrics post.


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