After over a decade of being an artist under SM Entertainment, Zhang Liyin announced this week that she had signed with talent management agency, Show City Times. To get a better idea of Liyin’s career outlook in her new company, we have compiled some of the best fan reactions to Liyin’s latest news.

Before we can begin, however, we must write a disclaimer to say that none of the staff members at Chocolyn are actually very familiar with the Chinese music industry. Most of what we know is from extensive research on Wikipedia and Weibo. We would love to get more insight from fans who follow the Chinese entertainment industry. If you’re one of these fans, please don’t hesitate in reaching out! We are currently looking for Chinese-English translators and writers.

News of Liyin’s new management agency first broke out via this Weibo post. It was then followed, some hours later, by this Weibo post and this post. We have translated some of the comments on these posts – as well as some other Weibo comments – to provide a bit of context as to how Chinese fans are feeling at the moment:

  • “When Zhang Liyin first made her debut, she had the help of TVXQ and Super Junior. Her company even gave her the nickname of ‘Chinese BoA’. But her talent was too simplistic, then to add the fact that it was tough for a girl to be in the industry at such a young age… At that time, the Korean market just wasn’t open to foreign artists. It’s too unfortunate.”
  • “SM Entertainment’s first artist who returned to China after completing their contract.”
  • “At least she didn’t break the contract and merely waited for it to be over. To have such talent and for it to be delayed, but it’s commendable that she waited for the completion of her contract.”
  • “Undoubtedly, she has talent. Even if her company didn’t give her any resources to work with, she still waited for her contract to be over before returning. So undoubtedly, she has good character. Now compared to her past labelmates…”
  • “Will commend Liyin. Talented, but even shafted for so many years, she waited for her contract to be over. Great character.”
  • “I feel like she can be on Singer.”
  • “Show City Times is a good place to independently make music. Every artist has their own thinking of making music. The company doesn’t rush you either. Just listen less to Jane’s suggestions, she likes to mess about.”
  • “Show City Times is not bad. The artists can take care of their own development. Jiayou, Zhang Liyin, Jane Zhang will give you a lot of resources.”
  • “Finally returned. Show City Times is pretty good; they have our Liang Bo; you will become popular.”
  • “If you want to make music independently, Show City Times is not a bad choice.”

Besides these posts, there are also comments on Weibo about how we can expect more TV drama or movie soundtrack songs from Liyin in the future. Judging from Jane Zhang‘s and Pan Chen‘s current discography, this is indeed very likely.

International fans shared their comments too.

Well, there you have it, some of the fan feedback on Liyin’s new announcement. What are your hopes for Liyin’s new company? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Everyone is so happy for her lol. Hope to see a comeback happen soon! People recognize she has talent, she just needs the support to show it off. Hoping this company will do just that!

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