Did you miss us? We have been away from the internet for nearly three months, busy transforming our fan forums into a news fansite. We hope you like it! It may take getting used to, but there are a few very good reasons behind this major shift in website strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chocolyn, please continue reading this blog. We love engaged readers!

Firstly, the Asian music industry is getting busier and busier. New artists are debuting every day in Asia. We cannot keep up. And if we can’t keep up, Zhang Liyin’s career certainly can’t keep up. The success of Chocolyn has always aligned closely with Liyin’s own career success. Our goal is to be front-of-mind whenever a casual K-Pop (or C-Pop!) fan thinks of Zhang Liyin. We want to be the #1 source for everything Zhang Liyin on the entire World Wide Web.

We have noticed that the internet has grown a lot in the past few years. While Liyin has vanished from the public eye, we as netizens have done our part in transformation how information is circulated among fans. Chocolyn can no longer compete with open fan communities where information is passed so quickly between fans – whether that’s Twitter, Tumblr, or even Facebook – we just cannot compete. If we want Zhang Liyin to succeed, the strategy in how her name is spread across the internet must change, and the platform where we share this information must also change.

Secondly, there is a (reliable) rumour that Zhang Liyin’s contract with SM Entertainment ends in 2017. Yes, after 11 long years, Liyin will finally be able to break free from her contract. Or so the rumour goes. We don’t know if the rumour is 100% true, but from what Liyin has hinted at in her two live video streams so far, a return to China is definitely in the works.

This rumour brings us back to our first point. Information is circulated among fans incredibly fast in the K-Pop world. But what about the Chinese music industry? Aside from former EXO members, the international awareness for Chinese pop artists just isn’t there yet. We are hoping to change that. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not, but we’re going to try anyways. Hopefully having an open fan community will help.

Thirdly and lastly, I personally have always been incredibly inspired by the work done by my friend Lindsey over at Rachel McAdams Online and Matthias Schoenaerts Network. She has done an amazing job in managing those fansites, building them into such valuable resources for fans around the world. In my view, Chocolyn aspires to be a fansite as successful as RMO and Matthias Network.

So. Thank you for reading this far into this blog. Hopefully, with this change, we won’t lose our followers – you – our fansite visitor and reader – and you will continue to leave your comments on Chocolyn. A big portion of our current website content would not be possible if it wasn’t for you, our contributors.

Just like how the old Chocolyn was an online message for all sorts of fans to make posts and contribute to the topic, we are hoping for the same here.

And if you are looking to become a more regular contributor to Chocolyn, drop us a line! Let’s talk.

To the rest of you, see you guys in the comments!


Wendy has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2007, when she was introduced to "Timeless" by a friend. Since then, she has led and organized activities for Zhang Liyin fans all over the world. Aside from Zhang Liyin, she is also an avid fan of Rachel McAdams, Matthias Schoenaerts, Real Madrid, and Toronto FC.


  1. day_dreamer Reply


    ok off caps but wait, WENDY, THANK YOU ? I totally love this new great changes. And totally love the whole content of the post.

  2. The site looks so great! Can’t wait for it to have more and more updates as Liyin continues her career 🙂 SOON!!!!

  3. I love the layout of this website! It’s so exciting to have a change now that Liyin will soon embark in the next part of her career!

  4. You did a really good job on the change.??? It’s so pretty! Thank you so much!!!
    It took me quite sometimes to understand how it works but everything’s good so far.

    It’s nice to be back to Chocolyn!

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