Zhang Liyin was invited to ‘2014 Glory Blossoms Ten Up-and-Coming Singers Concert’ (2014光荣绽放 — 十大新锐歌手演唱会) alongside a group of other up-and-coming soloists in China. She performed “Missing You 365 Days”, “Agape”, and joined other artists for “Let’s Rock” at the end of the TV concert.

The show was filmed on the December 23rd, but was broadcast on December 31st. Watch the full show here on CNTV; Liyin shows up at 25:20.


“Missing You 365 Days” & “Agape”

“Let’s Rock”


In 2008, Angie watched the "Timeless" music video for the first time and instantly became a fan of Zhang Liyin. She has been an avid Chocolate ever since. Other than crying over Liyin's new Instagram posts, Angie is also a space enthusiast and loves Star Trek and all things sci-fi.

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