Sometimes we just don’t know how Zhang Liyin’s stylist chooses her outfits.

Zhang Liyin attended the 8th Annual Miguhui Wireless Music Awards today, alongside guests EXO, Jay Choi, G.E.M, Jane Zhang and Wilber Pan. The award show is popular enough, it has its own Chinese Wikipedia page.

We’ll add photos to this post at a later time, but for now, be sure to check out the embedded videos below of her on stage and on the red carpet. Liyin performed “Agape”.

Red carpet



In 2008, Angie watched the "Timeless" music video for the first time and instantly became a fan of Zhang Liyin. She has been an avid Chocolate ever since. Other than crying over Liyin's new Instagram posts, Angie is also a space enthusiast and loves Star Trek and all things sci-fi.

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