On October 18, 2014, Zhang Liyin attended SMTOWN Live in Shanghai with her fellow labelmates. She performed two songs consecutively, “Agape” and “Not Alone”.

Her last appearance at a SMTOWN concert was a year ago at SMTOWN Live in Beijing for ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III”.

Ticket prices for today’s Shanghai stop were:

  • 580 yuan (USD $95)
  • 780 yuan (USD $128)
  • 980 yuan (USD $160)
  • 1280 yuan (USD $210)



Edit (November 16, 2020): Videos of Zhang Liyin performing “Not Alone” have since been removed from their respective video hosts, and thus, we have updated to remove them from our blog as well. If you have a copy you’d like to share, please feel free to reach out so we can host it on Chocolyn’s YouTube for catalogue purposes.


In 2008, Angie watched the "Timeless" music video for the first time and instantly became a fan of Zhang Liyin. She has been an avid Chocolate ever since. Other than crying over Liyin's new Instagram posts, Angie is also a space enthusiast and loves Star Trek and all things sci-fi.

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