Zhang Liyin appeared in her first major TV appearance in her “Agape” and “Not Alone” promotions by appearing in an episode of Hunan TV’s Laugh Out Loud. Other guest stars in this episode included Xiaoshengyang and actor Xu Jia.

The show is in a sketch comedy format. Guests rehearse during the show, but generally the episodes are a little more reliant on improv and natural comedic ability than say, Saturday Night Live.

Liyin showed off the silly side of her personality during the show. She appeared as a farmer’s girlfriend in a sketch where she acted as Xiaoshengyang’s girlfriend, bringing her boyfriend to meet the parents for the first time. This segment took part in a slanted set, so it required some physical comedic skills.

Her second segment involved being a part of a “girl group” that isn’t as good as they think they are.

Liyin’s appearance on Laugh Out Loud was well-received by the show’s staff members. According to a post on Baidu, Liyin wished to visit again with idol friends Zhou Mi and miss A’s Fei.

While backstage, Zhang Liyin softly said she really wanted to come again with Zhoumi and Miss A’s Fei. It would definitely be very very fun. As the editor, I have decided… to work very hard in considering this possibility haha. Zhang Liyin really is very very polite and very dedicated to her work. The first thing she did when she arrived backstage was greeting and bowing to all the staff and workers. She is the first artist that we met who is like this. Also, for every segment of the show that she appeared in, she would come down stage afterwards and ask the directors: “How did I do?” The favorability of the entire group of directors towards her went UP.

Liyin recorded a short promotion segment for the show alongside the other actors. Watch it below!

The full episode is embedded below. Chocolyn will not be subbing this TV show appearance.


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