After five long years, Zhang Liyin finally has a new music video to promote!

Confused about the story behind her new music video? We have translated the “Agape” single description from Baidu.

“Agape” is a ballad accompanied by an emotional and prominent piano melody, though the song lyrics start with a quiet atmosphere, you can feel the majestic yet mournful expression of Zhang Liyin’s vocals in the song chorus.

The theme for “Agape” is the 2008 Sichuan earthquake; co-written by Zhang Liyin and Tina Wang, is about a mother who allows her child to live at the expense of her own life. The mother’s hand is left holding a cellphone containing her dying words “Child, don’t forget that mother will always love you, you must continue and live courageously” – that sort of content, no matter if you are in China or overseas, you can feel the greatness of a mother’s love. Seeing these lyrics, Zhang Liyin thought of her home province’s Sichuan earthquake, and thought to use this song to comfort the earthquake’s victims and the victims’ families.

“Back Then” is a cover of the title song from Taiwanese film You Are The Apple of My Eye. Title song “Agape” fuses together a melody of soft piano and acoustic guitar. Quietly whispering and deeply emotional, Zhang Liyin sings a new feeling that will allow people to think back on their first love.

We have also confirmed with the song producers that they helped compose the melody.

Curious about the lyrics? You can read the translated lyrics here on our website.

Watch the full music video below!


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