Zhang Liyin, Super Junior, Super Junior-M, INFINITE, Tasty, and BTOB appeared at the Best of Best in Taipei concert today. (Yes, she was the only female artist!) Liyin sang a total of two songs, “Moving On” and “Set Me Free”, as well as participated in a short ‘talk’ segment with Super Junior member Kangin.

Many fans at the concert posted their reactions directly from the concert. We have compiled a long list of fancams and social media posts in our article. Check them out below!

“Moving On”

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“Set Me Free” & “Moving On”

amerscha kindly translated the transcript of Liyin’s talk segment, starting from 4:33 into the above video:

[Liyin] Hi everyone! I am Liyin. Today I’m very happy to be in Taipei. I’ve come here again after some years from my last visit and am very happy to see everyone. Is everyone having a happy time today?
[Audience] Yes!
[Liyin] Uhh then ennn…next I’m going to *looks over at the MC’s* sing again for everyone.
[Kang-In] Everyone, please give a passionate round of applause for Zhang Liyin.
[Lady MC] Zhang Liyin is so pretty!
[Kang-In] When it comes to Zhang Liyin, we all know that she has a very good voice, but hasn’t she also become more pretty?
[Audience] Yes!
[Kang-In] She has become so pretty!
[Liyin] Thank you thank you *bows*
[Kang-In] How do you maintain your beauty?
[Liyin] Normally I actually pay more attention to things like being healthy. So I feel like as long as a person can maintain a good body and health, it will naturally show on the person’s appearance. They will have a cleaner look.
[Lady MC] So if one maintains a good body and health, they will also be this pretty. Let’s all learn to do this, okay?
[Liyin] Yes yes
[Lady MC] Recently Liyin came out with a new song called “Breath” in S.M. The Ballad album, right?
[Liyin] That’s right.
[Lady MC] Does everyone like the song “Breath”?
[Audience] Yes!
[Lady MC] It’s a very good song indeed. So has Liyin also been secretly preparing for her new album too recently?
[Liyin] Yes yes. The songs I am preparing this time and their styles are different. So I hope everyone can anticipate this album very much.
[Kang-In] Also, for “Breath,” you collaborated with EXO’s Chen who’s currently very popular, right?
[Liyin] That’s correct. I’m sure everyone knows haha.
[Kang-In] Can I ask, have you thought about any other male artists that you want to sing a duet with?
[Lady MC] Like for example, Kang-In?
[Liyin] Actually, I feel like brother Kang-In is also very handsome. In the past, I’ve also seen his solo performance during concerts and felt like he sang very well.
[Lady MC] Wowww.

*Liyin and Kang-In’s bro-fist moment*

[Kang-In] I understand. Haha
[MC Lady] He’s so happy.
[Kang-In] What are you going to sing for us next? Please let us know.
[Liyin] Next, I’m singing a long-awaited song called “Moving On.” Thank you.
[MC Lady] Please welcome Zhang Liyin’s next performance everyone! Thank you!
[Zhang Liyin] Thank you.

Concert closing


In 2008, Angie watched the "Timeless" music video for the first time and instantly became a fan of Zhang Liyin. She has been an avid Chocolate ever since. Other than crying over Liyin's new Instagram posts, Angie is also a space enthusiast and loves Star Trek and all things sci-fi.

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