Zhang Liyin and EXO were invited to Jackie Chan’s annual charity concert earlier this spring, and the day has finally arrived. Hosted by Jackie Chan, and directed by Jaycee Chan, the concert was a star-studded event, earning media coverage from multiple news outlets.

Tenasia wrote:

On April 6th at 7 PM (local time) at the official gymnasium in Beijing, China, the concert Peace & Love & Friendship opened. Jackie Chan who hosts charity concerts annually, this year coincided with his 60th birthday. He invited top stars EXO, Zhang Liyin, Jay Chou, Wang Leehom, Sun Nan, Angela Chang, Coco Lee, Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan to attend.

In particular, EXO who is receiving great popularity in China at the charity concert of Jackie Chan they were especially given an invitation. EXO through two songs “Wolf” and “Growl” gave an energetic and impressive performance.

Zhang Liyin and EXO member Chen sang together SM The Ballad’s “Breath”. EXO and Zhang Liyin were together with Jackie Chan for the opening of the finale and sang together “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, “We Are The World”, and “Not To Lose Again”.

Watch Liyin’s and Chen’s performance below!


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