As part of their promotional activities for SM The Ballad, Zhang Liyin and EXO’s Chen travelled to Beijing today for a live performance on a Chinese New Year TV show. The two artists generated some publicity while at the airport, particularly on a selfie taken and posted by Zhang Liyin while waiting for their flight.

Morning selfie at the airport with Chen, I want to thank him for coming to Beijing to promote even though he’s so exhausted!!

Two Korean news outlets wrote short articles on the selfie. Naver wrote:

EXO’s Chen and Zhang Liyin selca: It’s been a while

SM The Ballad, duo singer EXO’s Chen and Zhang Liyin have attracted the public eyes with their recent selca.

On the 13th February, Zhang Liyin posted the selca through her Weibo page with the following message:

“Chen and I are at the airport this morning, even though we are tired we are grateful to go to promote in Beijing together!”

Chen and Liyin will be performing for the first time the Chinese version of the main title of SM The Ballad new album, Breath, on Hunan TV on February 14th

Netizens left the following comments on Liyin’s selca: “It’s been a while!”, “I can’t wait to see their duet”, “Their voices are so pretty” etc.

The more interesting article was from Newsen. Their reporter highlighted Liyin’s unique airport fashion in their headline:

Zhang Liyin’s Airport Fashion ‘Even From Far Away It Catches Your Attention’

EXO’s Chen and Zhang Liyin for SM THE BALLAD Vol. 2 Chinese activities on the morning of February 13th, showed off their airport fashion at Gimpo International Airport as they departed to China.

EXO’s Chen and Zhang Liyin on the 14th at 8pm (local time) will film at the live broadcast of Hunan TV’s Special Program The Lantern Festival 2014. They are expected to showcase the Chinese version of “Breath” on stage.

Meanwhile, SM The Ballad 2nd album Breath will be released on the 13th.


Ji has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2006 when she debuted with "Timeless". Through this, she was introduced to Chocolyn and fellow Chocolates! Outside of this, Ji is a fan of TV shows, in particular, Marvel and DC. She loves to travel, especially meeting Chocolates all over the world!

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