It’s Valentine’s Day! For “ChenYin” shippers, they will be happy to know they celebrated it with each other… Zhang Liyin and EXO member Chen were guests on Hunan TV’s The Lantern Festival, a TV show to bring in the Chinese New Year. It seems this show is popular among K-Pop artists. JYJ member Yoochun attended last year and performed “Magic Castle”.

Liyin and Chen flew to China for this show shortly after their SM The Ballad joint recital. As we mentioned, Liyin was rumoured to be sick during the day of the joint recital, and it seems she was still sick the day after. In the fancams below, you can see Liyin was wearing a heavy winter jacket indoors, on top of her regular clothes.

Liyin and Chen did some press for their appearance while in China. Watch the event videos below!


Anaïs has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2008 when she heard Zhang Liyin's "Timeless" for the first time. From that point on, she joined Chocolyn and took an active part in all kinds of fan projects to support Zhang Liyin. Anaïs is also a passionate moviegoer. She particularly likes Amy Adams and Vivien Leigh. Obsessed with musicals, she is able to quote any Sondheim lyrics.

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