“First Love” (初恋) is the second track off of Zhang Liyin’s first album, I Will. It was never performed live.

Many thanks to dreaded_destiny_ for translating the lyrics!


If I’m still in the bottom of your heart
If traces of me still remain
The wind blows strongly, it feels like floating in the clouds
Such a sweet feeling

Editing has made the matter seem perfect
The experience that has been etched into my heart
I’m thankful for the fleeting moment of happiness I had when I loved you

There was a time when I didn’t care; I selfishly chased after love
I didn’t know it was something that could make someone cry
Without you to depend on, my heart completely withers away
Yet today, I still feel elated and blush the instant I think of you
I could care less if I were to become more frail

The night just always seems to be surrounded by my longings
I write down the exhaustion after losing you
Each empty line on the paper seems so precious

Only you can comfort my heart that drags back and forth in loneliness
I want to know who else you’re waiting for
Day after day, the thoughts of you spread and multiply
It’s already at the point of overflowing
In every moment

If you don’t gently embrace me again
I’ll never be able to feel the warmth of your heart again
Like burning my heart into ashes
Falling into loneliness
Taking away all happiness

A young age
An innocent diary
It is only now that the true definition of love can be understood
If I lose you, the pain would stretch all bounds
Wishing to be with you forever
I’ll keep waiting for you

Simplified Chinese

假如我还住在你心底 假如还残留我的痕迹

风满满吹 感觉飘在云里 那么甜蜜
回事是剪辑过的完美 刻在我心里面的体会
感激曾拥有爱你那瞬间的 幸福滋味

曾经不理会 任性的去追 不知道爱会让人流泪
没有你依偎 心满满枯萎 到今天一想到你我就 脸红心醉

夜晚总是被思念包围 写下没有你后的疲惫
心孤单徘徊 只能你抚慰 想要知道你还等着谁
一天又一天 思念在蔓延 已达到泛滥的边缘


如果你不再 轻轻的把我拥抱 我就再不能感觉 你心的温度
就像可燃尽的心 孤单的坠落 带走了所有的快乐

青涩的年纪 单纯的日记 现在才懂得爱情定义
如果失去你 痛无边无际 希望能永远在一起

Traditional Chinese

假如我還住在你心底 假如還殘留我的痕跡

風慢慢吹 感覺飄在雲裡 那麼甜蜜
回憶是剪輯過的完美 刻在我心裡面的體會
感激曾擁有愛你那瞬間的 幸福滋味

曾經不理會 任性的去追 不知道愛會讓人流淚
沒有你依谓 心慢慢枯萎 到今天一想到你我就 臉紅心碎

夜晚總是被思念包圍 寫下沒有你後的疲憊
心孤單徘徊 只能你撫慰 想要知道你還等著誰
一天又一天 思念在蔓延 已達到氾濫的邊緣

如果你不再 輕輕的把我擁抱 我就再不能感覺 你心的溫度
就像可燃盡的心 孤單的墬落 帶走了所有的快樂…

青澀的年紀 單純的日記 現在才懂得愛情定義
如果失去你 痛無邊無際 希望能永遠在一起


Jia ru wo hai ju zai ni xin di jia ru hai can liu wo hen ji
Feng man man chui gan jiu piao zai yun li na me tian mi
Hui shi shi jian ji guo de wan mei ke zai wo xin li mian de ti hui

Gang ji ceng yong you ni na shun jian de xing fu zi wei

Cheng jing bu li hui ren xing de qu zhui bu zhi dao ai hui rang ren liu lei
Mei you ni yi wei xin man man ku wei dao jin tian yi xiang dao ni wo jiu lian hong xin zui
Na pa geng qiao cui

Ye wang zong shi bei si nian bao wei xie xia mei you ni huo de pi bei
Xin zhi shang mei yi ge kong ge dou xian de na mei zhen gui
Xin gu dan pai huai zhi neng ni fu wei xiang yao zhi dao ni hai deng zhe shui

Yi tian you yi tian sin an zai man yan yi da dao fan lan de bian yuan
Zai mei ge shun jian

Ru guo ni bu zai qing qing de ba wo yong bao wo jiu zai bun eng gan jiu ni xin de wen du
Jiu xiang ke ran jin de xin gu dan de zhui luo dai zhou le suo you kuai le

Qing se de nian ji dan chun de ri ji xian zai cai dong de ai qing ding yi
Ru guo shi qv ni xin wo bian bu yin xi wang neng yong yuan zai yi qi
Yi zhi deng zhe ni


Ji has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2006 when she debuted with "Timeless". Through this, she was introduced to Chocolyn and fellow Chocolates! Outside of this, Ji is a fan of TV shows, in particular, Marvel and DC. She loves to travel, especially meeting Chocolates all over the world!

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