“Back Then” (那些年) is one of the two songs listed on Zhang Liyin’s “Agape” single. It is a cover song of Hu Xia’s original “Those Bygone Years” (那些年), a Chinese song released in 2011 for the popular Taiwanese movie You Are The Apple Of My Eye. Various SM Entertainment artists have covered Hu Xia’s song over the years, particularly live in concert or during interviews. Most notably, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun during the group’s fan meeting tour in 2013. However, Zhang Liyin is the first artist under the label to release an official recorded version of the song.

In a surprising turn of events, Zhang Liyin has been given a second chance on Mad for Music. She was previously eliminated from the music reality show, but she is now reinstated onto the show. The full translation of iFeng‘s article is below.

After two days of voting on Weibo, close to tens of thousands of netizens had participated. From the deadline to the time of the article publication for reporters, Zhang Liyin already led by a far margin with close to 90% of the votes.