With Zhang Liyin’s second 2014 comeback highly anticipated by the international music fan community, Korean news site Newsen reported on the soloist’s upcoming promotional activities.

Zhang Liyin’s 4th single “Not Alone” will be released in China and in Korea on the 22nd at noon through various domestic music sites like Melon, Naver Music, Genie etc.

Zhang Liyin at Hunan TV Laugh Out Loud

Zhang Liyin appeared in her first major TV appearance in her “Agape” and “Not Alone” promotions by appearing in an episode of Hunan TV’s Laugh Out Loud. Other guest stars in this episode included Xiaoshengyang…

For once, SM Entertainment surprised Zhang Liyin fans.

The soloist’s management agency organized appearances on Korean music shows to help promote her new single “Agape”. Although the song is purely in Chinese and does not have a Korean version, SM Entertainment was able to negotiate appearance slots on MTV The Show, MBC Show Champion, and Mnet MCOUNTDOWN for Zhang Liyin. If you recall, the last time Zhang Liyin appeared on Mnet MCOUNTDOWN, it was for her debut single “Timeless”.