Korean SM Entertainment’s Chinese solo female artist Zhang Liyin secretly came to Taiwan last week to promote her newest Chinese single “Not Alone”. She received an exclusive interview from MTV’s I Love Idols show.

Prior to the official interview, the host of the show, Ken Wu, forcefully charged into Zhang Liyin’s hotel room and even daringly rummaged through her purse. He then forced her to drink bitter melon juice, making Zhang Liyin say with a bitter face: “It really is very healthy!”

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She also disclosed that her relationship with EXO was pretty good. They would invite each other out for small gatherings in private.

For long-time Zhang Liyin fans, tonight felt surreal. It reminded us of the Liyin’s Beijing album showcase six years ago, but it’s been a long six years, we can hardly remember the contents of what happened that time long ago.

Click through our post to view our full coverage of Zhang Liyin’s “In Love” album showcase. We have translated a Korean news article from Newsway on the event, and we have embedded the full English subtitled showcase video in this post for your easy viewing.

About 100 to at least 200 mainstream media reporters attended; the atmosphere gave off that there is a high level of interest towards Zhang Liyin.

“Today in Beijing, I am really thankful and happy to have a special time with everyone. In the future, I will make an effort to sing well and be more and more charming Zhang Liyin. Please give a lot of support.”

With Zhang Liyin’s second 2014 comeback highly anticipated by the international music fan community, Korean news site Newsen reported on the soloist’s upcoming promotional activities.

Zhang Liyin’s 4th single “Not Alone” will be released in China and in Korea on the 22nd at noon through various domestic music sites like Melon, Naver Music, Genie etc.