Zhang Liyin was invited to ‘2014 Glory Blossoms Ten Up-and-Coming Singers Concert’ (2014光荣绽放 — 十大新锐歌手演唱会) alongside a group of other up-and-coming soloists in China. She performed “Missing You 365 Days”, “Agape”, and joined other artists for “Let’s Rock” at the end of the TV concert.

The show was filmed on the December 23rd, but was broadcast on December 31st. Watch the full show here on CNTV; Liyin shows up at 25:20.

On October 18, 2014, Zhang Liyin attended SMTOWN Live in Shanghai with her fellow labelmates. She performed two songs consecutively, “Agape” and “Not Alone”.

Her last appearance at a SMTOWN concert was a year ago at SMTOWN Live in Beijing for ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III”.

Ticket prices for today’s Shanghai stop were:

  • 580 yuan (USD $95)
  • 780 yuan (USD $128)
  • 980 yuan (USD $160)
  • 1280 yuan (USD $210)

For Zhang Liyin fans, it’s been a long six years. Back in February 2008, SM Entertainment hosted an album showcase for Liyin’s first Chinese album, I Will, to much fanfare. Former artist Han Geng and SM Entertainment executives were all in attendance. It has been over six years since that day.

For Liyin’s showcase yesterday, it received even greater attention. There were reportedly over 200 reporters at Liyin’s Beijing showcase yesterday; 100 of these media members were from Chinese news outlets. One of these articles, from Yahoo, has been shared below.

For more coverage on Liyin’s Beijing showcase, please read our other post on the event.