Currently, fansites have been continuously reporting on Hunan Television’s activities at the advertisement investment conference in Guiyang.

It is well understood that Hunan TV has four headline network shows next year: I Am A Singer, Divas Hit The Road, Where Are We Going, Dad?, and Up Idol. In particular, Li Yifeng has been invited to participate on Divas Hit The Road, Zhang Liyin has entered the suspected participation list for I Am A Singer, while Idols Are Coming will the first show to breakthrough sexual limits on Hunan TV.

As for the three pre-existing shows, Hunan TV deputy director of the chief editor department Ding Cheng says, “Although the guest list for the third season of Where Are We Going, Dad? has not been finalized, but before I left (for Guiyang), general director Xie Dikui told me that they are looking to invite Han Han, Zhang Jiayi, and Wen Zhang.”

From what has been reported, from these three people, the closest to signing on is Zhang Jiayi. Also, Divas Hit The Road second season has released news of Li Yifeng being associated with the show, and I Am A Singer third season has suggested two singers with the last name “Zhang” have been invited. Zhang Liyin, Jeff Chang, Hins Cheung and Jane Zhang have all entered into the guessing list.


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