For once, SM Entertainment surprised Zhang Liyin fans.

The soloist’s management agency organized appearances on Korean music shows to help promote her new single “Agape”. Although the song is purely in Chinese and does not have a Korean version, SM Entertainment was able to negotiate appearance slots on MTV The Show, MBC Show Champion, and Mnet MCOUNTDOWN for Zhang Liyin. If you recall, the last time Zhang Liyin appeared on Mnet MCOUNTDOWN, it was for her debut single “Timeless”.

Hankyung reported:

Zhang Liyin has a sweet comeback stage on M!Net Countdown.

Today, M!Net introduced Zhang Liyin’s ‘Agape’on the Korean cable channel.

Zhang Liyin performed wearing a bright white dress and performed her comeback song in Chinese. “Agape” is a sad ballad where Zhang Liyin’s voice is gently mixed with a piano melody.

Other performers on today stage were: Jay C, Red Velvet, Taemin from Shinee, Sunny Hill, Sistar etc.

We have embedded her performances into this post. Watch them below!

Her performance video on Arirang’s Simply K-Pop does not allow to be embedded, but you can watch it by clicking here.


Wendy has been a fan of Zhang Liyin since 2007, when she was introduced to "Timeless" by a friend. Since then, she has led and organized activities for Zhang Liyin fans all over the world. Aside from Zhang Liyin, she is also an avid fan of Rachel McAdams, Matthias Schoenaerts, Real Madrid, and Toronto FC.