After a long hiatus, Zhang Liyin performed at SMTOWN Live in Beijing today! This was her first live performance in a very long time. Chinese fansites and even Liyin’s own best friend posted Weibo updates on the songs Liyin will perform at the concert. Liyin eventually sang two songs at the event: “Y (Why…)” and “Moving On”.

Zhang Liyin’s best friend posted on Weibo – which has now been deleted:


“This is Zhang Liyin’s third time performing in the Bird’s Nest. Wouldn’t you consider her as someone who has performed a lot at the Bird’s Nest? Solution. Go to YouTube and search up the song she performed last time, and comparing it to how she sings now to the singing style used then, there is a huge difference. In the past, she used too much force to sing, but now it is different, she uses less power. The past year, she has followed her vocal coach very closely to change and improve.”

“Moving On”

“Moving On” & “Y (Why…)”

Concert closing


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