Zhang Liyin, TVXQ, and f(x) took part in the annual Sichuan TV New Year′s Eve Concert, and were flown directly from Seoul to Chengdu for the concert. A couple of Korean news outlets reported on their special treatment.

enews24 wrote the following:

According to SM Entertainment on December 27, the three teams made the crowd go wild at the Sichuan 2013 New Year′s Concert on December 22 with their performances.

The teams especially received the VIP treatment by the hosts of the event, as on the morning of December 22 Sichuan TV sent a special private jet to carry them into China. The special arrangements especially drew attention from local press outlets.

For the concert TVXQ sang “Catch Me”, “Humanoids” and “Why”, while f(x) entertained with “Electric Shock”, “Pinocchio” and “NU ABO”. Zhang Liyin then sang in Chinese her singles “Moving On” and “Lovers”.

The 8,000-member audience this day cheered loudly whenever TVXQ, f(x) or Zhang Liyin appeared onstage, and even sang along to the Korean lyrics perfectly, making the scene look like it was from an exclusive SMTOWN concert.

The Sichuan 2013 New Year′s Concert will air in China through Sichuan TV on December 31.


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