The rumours are true! Zhang Liyin took time on her birthday to host a live video streaming event with fans, during which she confirmed that her contract with SM Entertainment will end this April 2017.

It’s been a long ten years for Zhang Liyin and her fans. During the live chat, she thanked fans who have supported her throughout the years, particularly fans who have been by her side since she first debuted with “Timeless”. As a gift, perhaps, she sang a short clip of “Timeless” in Korean for fans chatting on the live stream.

It seems Zhang Liyin returned home for Chinese New Year last month.

In Liyin’s latest cover video, she wrote a video description that answered fans’ questions on whether she was back in China. If you recall, in her last video, Liyin said the video was filmed by her mother. In this new video, Liyin confirms that she flew back home to Chengdu in January. We assume Liyin returned home for the holidays!

Zhang Liyin hosted two live video streaming events in the month of November to chat live with her fans. During the two live sessions, she answered questions from fans about her current situation in Korea.

Her first live video chat occurred November 6th, followed by a second video chat a couple weeks later on November 20th. We will be summarizing both video chats in this article.